​Our contracts are good for one year. We pay 50% royalties with an open book policy as to your monthly sales. We are interested in first rights on your next book.

​After one year the royalties increase to 60% author and 40% Stellium Books.


​Ingram Distribution is the standard for book catalogs to retailers in the USA. We believe all books should have the benefit of being in the Ingram Catalog.  We will pitch your books to retailers to get the opportunity to be on the store shelves.

*** All new authors get free access to my book, MARKETING TIPS FOR AUTHORS: The Book Tour


 Why Ingram?

Please go to our Contact page. We ask for a one page synopsis of your book plus a sample chapter.

Stellium reserves the right to deny any manuscripts. You should receive a response within 7 days.

​ ​Contracts & Royalties

 Stellium books is the product of a new way of looking at publishing.

(We offer book preparation services and create promotional materials as well for authors publishing elsewhere.)

Our company is based on these principles:

  1. Traditional publishing includes long waits, low royalty percentages, (8-15%) and can require an agent. We are relatively fast (publish within a few months) pay 50% royalties and create beautiful books.

 2. Self-publishing requires enormous fees for services from Createspace, Author House, and other self-publishing platforms such as these that help you with cover design, editing, and etc...

  3. Our idea is to offer speed, high royalties (50%) and low service costs. We went right up the middle off the road.

  4. Also, has the ability to have titles listed with Ingram, the largest book distributor in the US, and the  standard  for retail  ordering  through their catalog.

  5. Stellium has an open book policy about sales reports. You will know how your book sales are going without waiting  6 months for a surprise royalty check.